Calculation of Flow Distribution and Pressure Drop of incompressible Media in Branched and Intermeshed Piping Networks

The tasks of SINETZfluid are:

  • Dimensioning of cross sections and insulation in the project period
  • Dimensioning of pumps
  • Verification of dimensions for network expansions
  • Usability analysis of existing piping networks
  • Simulation of different operation states or abnormal occurences in intermeshed piping networks

SINETZfluid calculates pressure drop and mass distribution in branched and intermeshed piping networks with circular, rectangular as well as any cross sections, defined by the hydraulic diameter.

SINETZfluid calculates direction of flow, rate of flow and pressure loss for individual pipe sections, as well as pressure of individual nodes, and the resulting flow distribution for an intermeshed system of any complexity.

The calculation is carried out for a given system assuming a steady state flow.
Any intermeshed network is solvable. Calculation is possible for open as well as for closed systems.

The capabilities of SINETZfluid are similar to SINETZ subject to the following restrictions
different from SINETZ, the capabilities of SINETZfluid do not include the calculation of compressible media and temperature loss analysis!

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