Flange design acc. to EN 1591-1, ASME VIII, Div.1

Flange analysis with the optional available module ROHR2flange
acc. to
- EN 1591-1:2011,
- EN 1591-1:2014,
- EN 13445-3:2010 Annex G,
- ASME VIII, Div.1:2010

  • Automatic analysis of all flanges in the system taking into account all load cases. The number of load cases can be reduced by the user.
  • Automatic generation of load case combinations required for the analyses.
  • Simple pre-settings of the flange parameters by means of standard values for flanges, screws and gaskets.
  • The flanges may be modified individually and in detail.
  • Report of the calculation results in a list.
  • Automatic generation of a calculation report in German or English.

For detailed information see specific ROHR2flange brochure.