ROHR2 Maintenance , User support and Update service

The program systems ROHR2, SINETZ and PROBAD are equipped with a detailed application documentation. At any questions regarding ROHR2, SINETZ and PROBAD contact the hotline to get direct support from our hotline staff which is composed of developers and engineers using ROHR2/SINETZ. Send your current project file and discuss it with our development and engineering team having more than 40 years of pipe stress analysis experience.
This direct link to the hotline guarantees an effective use ROHR2 and SINETZ and assures that you are not left alone with your problems.

The update of the software by regular updates is a further essential component of the maintenance agreement. The software is developed continuously in order to incorporate the ongoing changes in the stress calculation codes and norms but also to improve the user interface and extend the capabilities of ROHR2/SINETZ according to the user’s needs. The material and component databases are regularly extended and adapted to include upcoming changes in specifications. The technical regulations for the calculation of pipes are subject to a permanent change. These changes are pursued and converted in the program system ROHR2/SINETZ by the development department.
Updates are available by download.

Using the softare products on a reliable basis is leading to a current stand of technology which is requested by current norms and laws.
The programming technical development as well as the customization to technical prerequisites such as operating systems are also component of the update service. Through this a long-term safeguarding of the investment submits to software and hardware.

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