Verification - General problems

This manual presents a collection of test cases that demonstrate a number of the capabilities of the Rohr2 pipe stress analysis program. The selected tests are engineering problems that provide independent verification, usually a closed form equation or are comparisons to other solution methods or other calculation programs.

 The solutions for the test cases have been verified, however, certain differences may exist in regard to the references. These differences have been examined and are considered acceptable. In some cases they are due to the solution methods, the error boundaries that were selected or due to model assumption differences. For the tests, an error rate of 5% or less has been aimed.

These tests were run on an Intel Pentium processor using Microsoft Windows XP Professional. These results are reported in the test documentation. Slightly different results may be obtained when different processor types or operating systems are used. The tests contained in this manual are a partial subset of the full set of tests that are run by Rohr2 developers to ensure a high degree of quality.

 You may use these tests as starting points when exploring Rohr2 features or to perform your own verification. Some test cases will require optional packages which you may not have in your license, such as Rohr2stoss, Rohr2iso or Rohr2fem. If you do not have the available licenses, you cannot run these test to reproduce the results. For each of these verification manual tests a separate working directory is included in the Rohr2 distribution. You can use these tests to verify that your hardware is executing the Rohr2 tests correctly. The test results should be checked against the verified results in the documentation for each test.