Reports - documentation of the analysis

ROHR2 Standard Documentation

The standard ROHR2 documentation output includes several options:


  • Individually determined content of output files, results tables may be included/excluded by the user
  • Output files in ASCII format
  • Data can be stored in pdf or rtf format, e.g. for further processing in MS Word
  • Headers and footers may be added
  • Data export for further processing in a spreadsheet program like MS Excel


  • Selection of arbitrary views
  • Graphic representation of the entire system, of system parts or of specified pipes
  • Framework graphics or volume model
  • Assigned parameters like dimensions, materials, operation data may be shown graphically (colored representation)
  • Graphical presentation of results, e.g. deformations or stresses
  • Graphical presentation of loads

ROHR2 Report generation

ROHR2 offers functionality for customized report generation. Certain predefined templates for the generation of reports are included in the scope of delivery of ROHR2. These template may be used and changed to customize result reports fulfilling the specific needs of the user.
An additional appendix to the report may be defined e.g. for printing complete calculation results.
The report capabilities include free formatting of ROHR2 text modules and the refreshing of the report when input changes are made and the analysis is redone the calculation changes.